ServiceTiket Use Cases

Customised workflows For your Environment and work Practices.

Asset Audit

Asset Management

– E2E lifecycle Management    (procurement-to-writeoff, movements/deployments)

Field Service management

coming soon...

Spare Part Management

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Quality Workflows

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Custom Workflows

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Contract Management

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ServiceTiket Highlights

○  Lifecycle-based workflows for Asset Management,
○  Mobile-Centric Approach, Action-Based UI: Easy to Use.
○  Simplify capture of field data using Mobile: e.g. photo, part
○  Custom workflows and reports as per business requirements.
○  Real-time visibility of large-scale geographically spread-out assets and field operations.
○  Timely alerts and escalations through notification, email, or SMS.
○  Strong reporting infrastructure.
○  Scalable and customizable SaaS products based on the latest technologies.
○  Integration with other systems: CRM, ERP, cloud telephony, etc.
○  ISO 27001: Certified for Information Security and Management.


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